Tablets & Monitors

By mixing communication and imaging technology that the company has honed over the past 40 years with our high level of quality control expertise that clears automotive industry requirements, SANYO Techno Solutions Tottori designs, develops, manufactures on consignment and supplies a host of products matched to user needs, such as educational tablets, energy monitors, bath systems and more.


Tablets from SANYO Techno Solutions Tottori serve diverse needs like anytime, anywhere educational applications by using both audio and visuals to effectively enhance the learning experience, as well as business applications that take the high-performance handwriting support and durability of educational tablets to a practical business level.

Energy monitors

Consisting of a transmitter unit and display, these energy monitors allow users to view and manage the power they generate from a solar power system and subsequently consume. They incorporate output control capabilities that comply with new rules mandated by regulatory changes. SANYO Techno Solutions Tottori's energy monitors are helping households "generate, store and conserve energy."

TV audio systems for bathrooms

SANYO Techno Solutions Tottori makes TV systems for bathrooms. The hardware is waterproof and wired for digital terrestrial broadcasts.