About Us

Business Philosophy & Vision

Business Philosophy

Challenge to deliver the good manufacturing with customer satisfaction in global, and contribute to make a better life.

Underlying Thoughts

SANYO Techno Solutions Tottori's business philosophy is to "Challenge to deliver the good manufacturing  with customer  satisfaction in global, and contribute to make a better life." Through our business activities, we are committed both to our social responsibilities as a business corporation and to growing alongside the world we serve.

Always challenge new possibilities.
Difference on creative thinking, technology and quality.
Compete successfully in the global stage.
Offer products and services that make life better.
Generate an adequate amount of earnings to ensure our corporate survival and a rewarding life for our employees.


  1. Respect the passions and happiness of our employees.
  2. Be creative with technologies and products in order to stake new challenges and grow as a company.
  3. Provide nothing short of the best quality in order to earn the customer's trust.
  4. Make our presence felt as a company that makes all stakeholders happy and contributes to the advancement of society.